Welcome to the Arapahoe Credit Union mortgage resources page for home purchase and refinancing processed by Colorado Home Mortgages.

Loan programs can often be serviced by Arapahoe Credit Union as your lender, ensuring your loan will not be sold from company to company. Partnered with Colorado Home Mortgages, our mortgage professionals provide education, leading national pricing and guaranteed on-time purchase closing transactions from mortgage loan originators that average more than 20 years of credit union & mortgage lending experience. Together, we care for Your individual goals by our award-winning teams.  

Please navigate the Colorado Home Mortgages' website for valuable insight and today's market information. Call the Colorado Home Mortgages' team directly at 303-471-4445 or even after hours at 303-906-4953 and please share you are an Arapahoe Credit Union member so we can do everything possible to keep your home financing locally with Arapahoe Credit Union.

 2024 MORTGAGE LOAN SALE - Contact your Colorado Home Mortgages' team with Arapahoe Credit Union today to ask about our Spring Admin Fee Waiver offer on conventional loan programs OR for a $2,500 Down Payment Assistance Grant, designed to help First-Time Homebuyers purchase a first home. Grant funds are limited, restrictions due apply and not all borrowers will qualify so please contact us today for more information and eligibility.


Eligible First-Time Homebuyers who qualify for HomeReady/HomePossible can request $2,500.00 toward reducing their down payment.  

  • First-Time Home Buyers Only 
  • Homeready/HomePossible Guidelines Apply
  • Purchase Of Primary Residence 
  • SFR/Condo/Townhome - MFG (Limited To 95%)
  • $2,500.00 Max Grant 
  • No Loan Amount Restrictions 
  • Income Requirements Determined By County AMI and Agency Guidelines 
  • Min 620 FICO
  • Max 97% LTV
  • Reduced MI @ 25% Coverage Per Agency Guidelines
  • All Borrowers MUST Occupy The Home >12 Months (Repayment Applies Otherwise) 
  • NO Additional LLPA Adjusters – Price As A Standard HomeReady/HomePossible In UHMGo/LoanSifter/LenderPrice
  • Grants Are Limited Per Agency – Take Advantage Today 
  • Other Guidelines May apply

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