Colorado Home Mortgages proudly presents a dedicated network of experienced Realtor teams, with whom we have cultivated trusted relationships spanning over a decade. When you choose one of our proven partners, you can be confident in their ability to expertly represent your Colorado home. What's more, we're eager to share our cutting-edge technological resources to drive success in your real estate investments. 

Realtor teams are available now to engage in a simple, no-obligation conversation to assist you in your home buying or selling journey. Leveraging the power of technology, we provide AI listing enhancements, powered by state-of-the-art algorithms to optimize your property's visibility and appeal. Additionally, our property descriptions offer compelling, AI-generated narratives that truly bring your property to life. Alongside these capabilities, we present a dedicated QR code and webpage that can be seamlessly integrated into a MLS as a vivid, interactive representation of financing opportunities for your listing.

At Colorado Home Mortgages, our pre-approval process draws from 30 years of mortgage lending expertise and the backing of a well-established local lender in Colorado. This equips sellers with the confidence and assurance  when considering your offer. Our loan officers are easily accessible and the CHM mobile app ensures that you are constantly informed about your monthly housing expenses and the funds required to close on your chosen home. We eliminate surprises and offer complete transparency. Additionally, our program empowers your with a personalized lender letter to submit with your purchase offer 24/7, 365.  

Dedicated Realtors have made a solemn commitment to support you at every stage, ensuring a guaranteed purchase closing date facilitated by Colorado Home Mortgages. As part of our commitment to transparency and value:

  • There are no administrative or transaction coordinator fees charged by our Realtor teams.
  • You could benefit from a $1,000 Realtor credit at closing, which can be utilized towards covering closing costs and/or prepaid items.

Buyers are encouraged to identify Colorado Home Mortgages during their initial conversation with the Realtor for inclusion in this program and to ensure the credit is identified during mortgage loan underwriting.

As your trusted partners, we aim to provide unparalleled support and value through every step of your home buying or selling process. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and demonstrate the unique benefits with Colorado Home Mortgages

Call on these exceptional real estate professionals today to discover all their resources:  


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Paula Pantaleo, Phone: 303-908-7088, email: 


Chris Calicchia,  Phone: 303-994-7992, email:


Nancy Sawyer, Phone: 303-880-9268, email:

William (Bill) Flynn, Phone: 303-921-9633, email: 

Colorado Home Mortgages has no affiliation with the introduced real estate professional or provided services.  For information on the real estate agent's licensing, visit the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies at: .

Colorado Home Mortgages does not offer, negotiate, arrange or provide real estate services and does not guarantee nor is responsible for any of the activities of the real estate professional.  It is the responsibility of the real estate professional to negotiate the offered incentive paid at closing in the brokerage disclosure and may be subject to the terms and limitations of the loan program or transaction details, which may change at any time and is not eligible on every transaction.