Colorado Home Mortgages has expanded our client and credit union member resources to include professional real estate services for a complete home purchasing team, now available to our thousands of clients, members, their family and friends.


Our real estate professionals pledge of support:

  • Colorado Home Mortgages' stringent service levels to buyer goals and communication
  • No administrative fee and/or transaction coordinator fee charged 
  • The real estate professional will offer a offer a $1,000 incentive to the client that may be applied to Closing Costs and/or Prepaid items at Closing

Mortgage services provided by Colorado Home Mortgages do not require the use of an introduced real estate professional.  We look forward to building a new positive relationship with the professional of your choice, both working together to ensure your perfect home purchase experience.  

Colorado Home Mortgages and the real estate professional hope earn your business through our efficient process, superior technology, confident status updates and valuable education for an enjoyable and exciting transaction.  

Call on these exceptional real estate professionals today to discover all of the potential resources available.  

Chris Calicchia,  Phone: 303-994-7992, email:  

Doug James, Phone: 303-550-3684, email: 

Jan Watson, Phone: 303-548-7912, email:

Nancy Sawyer, Phone: 303-880-9268, email: 

Paula Pantaleo, Phone: 303-908-7088, email:

Colorado Home Mortgages, Inc. has no affiliation with the introduced real estate professional or provided services.  For information on the real estate agent's licensing visit the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies at: .

Colorado Home Mortgages, Inc. does not offer, negotiate, arrange or provide real estate services and does not guarantee, endorse nor is responsible for any of the activities of the real estate professional.  It is the responsibility of the real estate professional to negotiate the offered incentive paid at closing in the brokerage disclosure and may be subject to the terms and limitations of the loan program or transaction details.